5 favourite Italian words or phrases

Hello all my lovely Italy lovers,

So this is super short post (sorry) but I just returned from Italy and work has also been so brutal, along with my Italian lessons and homework. I clearly was meant to be a snail or sloth.

So here are my favourite words &/or sayings:

1. Sogni d’oro – Sweet dreams

Literally dreams of gold. It is just so beautiful. I do honestly wish I could dream gold, then I could leave my job… lol.

2. Ti Voglio bene, I recently learnt this in my Italian lesson. It is because we were talking about family and love. How I tell my mum each day that I love her, etc. However, my Italian teacher told me that love is not thrown around in the Italian language like the way that we throw it around in English. It is true, I do kind of love everything, however most of those “loves” are said loosely, I learned “Ti voglio bene” because I asked my teacher, well would would you say instead. At first I was so confused because I translated it as (you I want well/good) = (I want you good). Very bizarre, yet once she explained better, I learned to (love) this phrase so much.

3. Ginocchio – it is a knee!!! Yes, weird I know. But it reminds me of Pinocchio and it just sounds so lovely and sweet. Truly is too nice a word for knee. But I always remember this word for it is just so fairytale-like.

4. Mozzafiato – charming word meaning breathtaking, majestic…literally means to take your breath away or chop off your breath.

5. Magari – I wish or if only.

I like it because I am quite a dreamer and wish for many things to happen. I am a positive girl but sometimes I need to be realistic. This word is suitable for me to be more realistic as I can dream, but I must also realise that not everything works out the way you plan it to, or goes how you think it will. But things work out the way they should. So I think of this word a lot.

Inspirational women

So… I wanted to do a video and started…but my phone ran out of storage. So sad… so I think to do a video for my next post.

Well, what makes somebody inspirational? I mean, if you think about it deep down, we are all impressive. We all have inspirational qualities. We all learn & teach each other something daily. It’s an ongoing process.

Empowered women = empower women. This is absolutely true, for you have to be truly happy with yourself, confident, strong and at ease..in order to build other women up. Instead of tearing them down. Positive women to me, are the most inspirational.

Each one of you reading this inspires me. For we are all part of the same community, we all share the same goal and passion. Yet, we all bring something different to the table. It’s the thing I most enjoy seeing or hearing about Italy through different eyes and concepts.

How lucky I am to be part of this awesome community.

I totally love history. Through history we learn and become better versions for the future generations.

Therefore I dedicate this post to all those strong, independent women of the past.

Think of those strong ladies who during the world wars, had absolutely nothing, were terrified, tried their hardest to keep life for their family as normal as possible. Yet, they were alone. Alone to complete tasks deemed as “a man’s job”. These women, ordinary women blow my mind.

Women, who were not fortunate enough to live in an era that is more accepting of “mistakes.” Years ago, if a woman fell pregnant and unmarried, they were tarnished or hidden away. Forced to give up their children. An example “the Duchess” film with Keira Knightley. Not only was she so strong, and this film moves me deeply. Women years ago had a sense of duty. Literally they had no rights or choice. She married a wealthy, yet disgusting man who did not love her. All he cared for was an heir. She had to give up her one true love, and selflessly did this for her children. Georgiana, even took on his children by other women. Despite the shame it would cause in the stuffy 1700s judgemental society.

I can only imagine the sadness and trauma these women felt. Think of the story Philomena. These women were strong despite suffering.

Another are those women who wrote books and tried to sell their stories in “A man’s world” these women never gave up. Without them we would not be where we are today.

Anne Boleyn (I am literally obsessed with British history) is a more complex character. She was truly strong and went after what she wanted (inspiring and admirable) yet the tale is tragic for she was used by her family as a pawn to gain more wealth and status. Yet, she used it to her advantage. To me, she was an incredibly strong woman. Despite being innocent, she was sent to the Tower of London. Forced to watch her brother be beheaded…two days later was beheaded herself by a French swordsman. She found the courage and strength to talk and forgive everyone. How heroic. I honestly am not sure if I could have done the same.

So many more, Marie Antoinette, the suffragettes, and just the ordinary women of society.

I seriously hope I have not bored you all out with my historic lecture ๐Ÿ˜‚ but I truly adore history and felt it was appropriate.

I hope that for the future, we continue to stay growand learn from each other.

Personally, I feel I can learn from every single one of you. You are all incredible and special. I hope you know it and spread it like glitter.

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle. My favourite saying but this proverb is just so very true.

Good night everyone. Big hugs.<<<<<<<

Love letter to Italy ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

As I write this love letter, I am actually preparing another trip to Italy (tomorrow).

Well, I guess I should start off and state that I found this a very difficult challenge. Yet, I enjoyed to try something new and get out of my comfort zone.

So let’s hope you enjoy my strange sense of humour. Ragazza strana. ๐Ÿ™„

To quote a little Shakespeare:

“O, Italy, Italy! Wherefore art thou Italy?

Deny thy father and refuse they name.

Or, if thou will not, be sworn my love.

And I’ll no longer be a Brit.” (Because I’m proudly British but also have a secret desire to be fabulous like an Italian)

When I think of romance, I think of Shakespeare and his love stories (tragedies ๐Ÿ˜‚) and his beautiful love sonnets. Have you ever read Sonnet 116?

It is absolutely beautiful. And is in my opinion about love in its most ideal form. It is about lovers who come to each other freely without force or control. Therefore their relationship is pure and beautiful as there is trust and understanding. This type of love can never break or falter, even in death love still remains. Honestly, Shakespeare himself had a bit of an infatuation with Italy and I suppose that is when I started to be curious about Italy. And I mean, he loved Italy long before I did & he never been went to see Italy.

Yet, to be very up front… I actually never wanted to go to Italy. Crazy I know!!! How stupid my younger self was. I clearly had bad taste. My idea of love, romance and love letters well apart from Shakespeare would be Jane Austen’s Pride and prejudice. Probably this story sums up my history with Italy.

The thing is Italy has many admirers, from all over the world and so many cultures. So Italy is not just mine, I have to share it. Which surprisingly I am okay with..lol.

But that is the thing I love. Because without Italy, I would not have got to know such wonderful people like you. Again, because of Italy, I now have some very wonderful people in my life that are not just on instagram but are an amazing community on so many media platforms. My one wish is for us to all meet up together and enjoy our shared love of Italy by eating and drinking and dancing and well everything.

Italy, I guess initially I was like the pompous Mr. Darcy who thought was too good for your wild and historic beauty. I refused to visit you because I only shamefully thought of Rome and pasta. What an ignorant girl I was. One day, I took a chance and booked that flight to Milan. And I never…looked..back!

Oh, I am so very glad I took that chance. But now I am in a trance, in awe of your divine beauty. You are just beautiful, in that way that you never grow old and your wrinkles create more character and charm. I cannot stay away and want to learn all that I can about you, it is more like an obsessive stalker-like relationship because I have to see you at least once a month… and become very miserable and grumpy if I have to wait longer than 4 weeks. Goodness, I have it bad. ๐Ÿ˜‚

I think of every possible way or chance to meet you again. It’s incredible, Italy has made me become a student again, just so we can talk together. Italy is not easy to talk with. I think too much in English which causes us some misunderstandings and disagreements.

Italy also has some traits which are just foreign to me, such as the using of mobile phones in a petrol station… gasp, maybe we are just too cautious in the UK? I am not allowed to drink cappuccino after brunch. Seriously Italy, I think you need to be more flexible.

The driving.. yikes. But at same time exciting.

I cannot drink an aperitif after dinner… Italy – “do you understand how expensive a spritz is in the U.K.?” Clearly not. That’s why I drink it as much as I can.

I have a love affair with many different cities. You are just too beautiful. Lakes, mountains, the seaside.. everything is beautiful. I can see why the famous artists either come from Italy or swarmed to her. For she just really is a work if art.

So my bags are packed, tomorrow I fly to Milan-Bergamo. It’s so exciting to see Italy again. I can only hope I have not offended her with my letter (terrible hopeless romantic) and Italy will let me see Italy many more times.

Thanks again @Kelly @Jasmine @Kristie for the challenge.

My favourite Italian city…or rather should I say place (places!)

Hi everyone, such an honour to be part of the #dolcevitabloggers link up. Thank you Kelly, Jasmine & Kirstie. You guys really are a unique kind of awesome to put this together.

So, let’s begin. I have to be honest, this was so hard… I really struggled, mostly because I am probably the worst decision-maker in the entire world. And let’s be completely honest, there are just so many incredible places in Italy. I cannot choose for the life of me. But I will give it a try.

We all know those famous places, right? I have never been to Rome (this must change) but I know all about the incredible history and crowds. And seriously I just want to go to every city. If I won or had enough money, I would literally travel from the very start of Italy in the far North-West (isn’t that Kim Kardashian’s kids name? Sounds familiar). And I would work my way all around, eating, dancing, chatting, drinking, absorbing and enjoying each moment. But alas, I’m not financially rich (I am rich in a different way) so I guess I will see each place or site around this beautiful country shaped like a boot over my life time.

Milan & the lakes, to Verona, to Vicenza, to Venice, then Bologna, Florence, Pisa, Naples, Rome, all the way down to Sicily. I want to go to every single province/region (travel like Christopher Columbus ๐Ÿ˜‚)… I have my whole life, so I have no fear, it is possible.

But these places, despite how incredible they are, and make my eyes pop out because of their architecture, art, & culture, don’t show the real Italy.

I used to want to just only see these famous places. Where I could tell everyone and instagram/ Facebook that I had “been there, done that”. Now all I truly care about is seeing the real Italy and learning all I can about it.

For me, the real Italy is the charming villages and awesome people. Not forgetting the scrumptious food.

All the Italians I speak to, tend not to go to the famous sites. I guess it makes sense… I am the same here in the UK. But my excuse is our disastorous weather.

But let me get to the point, instead of just waffling.. it is my other horrendous habit along with incredible indecisiveness ๐Ÿ˜‚

My favourite city/ place well, technically I have two… mostly because I am greedy and I literally whittled a huge list to just two. So I am extremely proud of myself.

First favourite place:

The final photo does not show my level of sunburn. Sebastian the crab had nothing on me ๐Ÿ™‚

Mugello ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

Honestly, the most incredible experience of my life.

I travelled all the way from Milan on a motorbike to Tuscany. The journey was an eye opening moment. I saw so much and it was a wonderful start to the summer. I’m pretty sure it was around 40 degrees and I was dressed like a power ranger!

Once at the Mugello circuit, the atmosphere was electric. Only have I seen something close to it on television. How lucky I am to experience this.

We journied around the whole Florence area to get our hotel. And this is when I realised, that what I read in my art books was true. There is a reason that the most famous artists chose Tuscany for their works. The lighting is the most spectacular. And the sunset… legendary. I am in awe. But what I love the most, is that because I’m a lucky girl…and have a wonderful Italian companion that shows me the real Italy. I get to see places like this, true Italian landscape and villages:

How charming? I should try to recall this place name and will add to the blog. But look at the colours… how I truly miss the summer.

Now for my other favourite place which is Varese, or more specifically Lake Varese.

Here at lake Varese, I feel my most happiest and at peace. On a clear day, you can see the snow capped mountains (wow) and other days where it is more foggy or drizzle, you feel like you are in a scene from sleepy hollow. The mood is serene and romantic.

You can watch the ducks and swans. In the summer you can see many rowing or doing water sports.

There is something for everyone here.

Each season brings its charm to this lake for me.

Here at the lake, I usually walk around. Take photos and have aperitif. It’s the life… seriously.

I love that when in Italy and I drink the amazing spritz… you get awesome snacks. In the UK, you’d be lucky to have a straw ๐Ÿ˜‚ (just joking)

Around the lake Varese area, there are some very lovely places and towns which I get to visit once I land at MXP.

So to sum it up… I love all that I see in Italy but these two places mean the most to me.

Any questions, let me know. I’m going to proof read this and change anything that sounds horrid. So I apologise in advance if this sounds haphazard. ๐Ÿ˜‚

I feel like I’ve missed something.

Favourite area from the sky (leaving Malpensa airport)

Another reason I love Varese area. I learn so much Italian and meet so many fantastic people.

This place truly is special for me and has captured my heart.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone. I’ll be reading all the other posts this weekend. So excited…

Ciao a presto.

Rachel ๐Ÿ˜โ˜•๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น

The Italian connection

Hello everyone,

Here is my #dolcevitabloggers monthly post & first post.

Kelly – Italianatheart.com

Jasmine – questadolcevita.com

Kristie – mammaprada.com

So thanks to the wonderful Kelly (@kellysdolcevita /instagram) I have made a long overdue blog.

Honestly, I’m not naturally adapted at writing about myself or putting myself out there.

My Italian connection is not through heritage sadly, although I really wish that I had Italian blood. It would be super fun to do that ancestry show and they surprise me with a secret Italian family member from a bygone era!

But I think my story is somewhat different… here it goes…

It all began a little while back. I became single after a long relationship. It was not stormy but we just went our separate ways (no drama) however the guy I was with was such a square, a bit like a fun sponge. Not very open-minded. So as soon as I became single I trawled through travel & flight websites. I guess it was my kind of therapy. I looked on the easyJet site and immediately saw Milan (a super cheap deal), I had never been to Italy before and honestly never really wanted to go there.

However, as a little girl I wanted to be a fashion designer (I love to draw not so keen on sewing) and remembered Milan as some great fashion capital along with Paris, London & New York. So I called my best friend and asked if she was up for it.

I honestly was so excited, I had no idea about what I could see or do in Milan.

To cut a long story short. I fell in love with the city immediately. It was just so incredible… and don’t even get me started on the food and the sound of the language.

I travelled to northern Italy quite a lot since October 2014. Italy became my little obsession. I dreamed of speaking the Italian language, but being such a baby at times, thought it was out of my reach.

Then in October 2016, while on holiday in Abu Dhabi, I met an Italian guy by the swimming pool. He was such a charming, nice guy. When I found out he was Italian, and from Milan area, well I nearly fell off my sun-lounger. He must of thought I was incredibly mentally unstable for I became an extreme chatter-box. I gassed about how much I loved Italy.. all the places I had been to, what I loved and gushed about my love for the city of Milano.

Funnily enough we are very close now and he helps me daily with learning more about Italy.

And since knowing him, I have visited Italy pretty much on a monthly basis. We laugh at all my faux pas with pronunciation, I can now actually pronounce Moschino, bruschetta, tagliatelle etc correctly. But at least my language learning is a fun and joyful experience… lol.

He has opened my eyes allowing me to see Italy the Italian way. Not just touristy things… we go to little towns and villages, I meet people who speak absolutely zero English and somehow manage a minor conversation.

I have been so blessed and fortunate for my adventure is just beginning.

My main goal is to eventually move to Italy. I know it will happen and work out. I just need to keep working on my goals.

Everyday my connection with Italy becomes stronger and thanks to such a wonderful community on instagram, I learn more daily with such a beautiful support system.

I certainly hope I have not been an incredible bore to anyone reading this.

I am very excited to log all my goals, ideas, struggles and progress with learning Italian ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for reading.

Big hug and good night

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